Hello everyone!

I have compiled a series of GitBook notes encompassing various aspects of cybersecurity, including knowledge, tips, and content. These notes delve into topics such as forensics, Capture The Flag (CTF), certification tips, and much more. Here is a list of included resources:
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    https://fareedfauzi.gitbook.io/oscp-playbook/ - OSCP Playbook and Cheat Sheet
  2. 3.
    https://fareedfauzi.gitbook.io/ctf-playbook/ - CTF beginner Playbook and Cheat Sheet
Windows Forensics Playbook
Additionally, I plan to expand the content to cover other critical topics like red teaming, malware development (maldev), reverse engineering, malware analysis, incident response (IR), threat hunting, penetration testing, and many more. Your support on Buy me a coffee on https://www.buymeacoffee.com/fareedfauzi would greatly aid me in creating more content like this.
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